Brexit update

Quite a few things will change Januari 1st of 2021 for orders to the UK. Ranging from shipping costs, to customs forms and the way VAT must be declared.

That last one is the biggest problem: Since the UK wont be in the European customs union anymore, we should not charge 21% (Netherlands) VAT anymore. But instead for orders up to 135 GBP, international shops must register for a UK VAT number, and charge 20% UK VAT and then do an expensive wire transfer of that money to the UK at currently unknown costs.
This is something our shop software cannot handle at the moment. So it's possible that for the foreseeable future, we will not accept orders UNDER 135 GBP to the UK.

This all requires us to suspend orders from the UK, starting December 7th so we can ship them still in 2020.

To ease the pain a bit, we will be doing free shipping to the UK for orders over €50 (45 GBP) from November 21st to November 29th.