Dutch Auction Sale

A ‘Dutch Auction‘ (Wikipedia link) is a special kind of auction. It starts at a price, and the price drops until someone buys it. We increase the discount by 1% every day, at (our) midnight. This means that the longer you wait, the cheaper it will be! But be careful! You are not the only one. Someone else might buy the product before you. So check back often, and think if this is what you want to pay.

And yes, after 99 days, a product will be free (excluding shipping of course)

It is an auction method that has been used in The Netherlands since the 17th-century. First for estate sales and paintings and later for the famous tulip and other flower auctions.

It is possible there are no products below. In that case either the product for today is bought, or our system is broken. In either case, there should be something again tomorrow.