"Lets pretent its EF Sale"

We are as disappointed as many of you that a lot of conventions had to be canceled this year. They are a good way to meet old and new friends, but also to look around the dealersden! Normally we would be attending EuroFurence in Berlin, Germany from August 19th till the 23rd, but unfortunately not this year.

So we where wondering what we could do instead.

A thing a lot of people like about getting stuff at a dealersden, is save on shipping! So that's what we decided to do:

Free shipping, on all orders over €45 Ex VAT (Outside the European Union) / €55 Inc VAT (Inside the European Union).

This means you can pickup a Medium Vixen/Mare/Ponymaker, and pay just for the toy!

Please keep in mind that it is unlikely we will be able to keep within our usual 1-2 week production time during this sale, but we'll do our best! Or pick a toy from our stock, they are the first to ship!

This sale is valid from August 20th 11:00, till August 22nd 17:00 (Central European Time), the items that the EuroFurence dealersden would have been open, and we reserve the right to end the sale early. Please verify that the shipping cost is 0 at checkout. We have limited possibilities to issue refunds due to the processing cost involved. If your order is just under the limit, check out our ready-to-ship eggs.