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The long wait is finally over. Here is the mare you’ve been asking for.

A hollow all-through plug with rear bits of a mare.

The Perfect way to become a sexy mare.

In Heat (Medium bulb, Large spade):

Total Length: 12.1cm (4.8″)
Bulb Diameter: 6.7cm (2.6″)
Bulb ircumference: 19.9cm (7.8″)
Neck Diameter: 4.9cm (1.9″)
Neck circumference: 13.3cm (5.2″)
Hole diameter: 1.7cm (0.67″)

‘Vixen soft’ is the standard, and recommended firmness. ‘Extra vixen soft’ is softer, but this also means it gets sticky, might harder to get into because doesnt retain its shape as well and might damage more easy as well. For the XXL, ‘Extra vixen soft’ is the only option.

Color: Sky blue

For other sizes, colors and firmnesses, check out the custom Maremaker!

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