#1988 Medium Birdmaker


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Have you ever wonderd where we get all of our eggs from? Wel, wonder no more! for we are ready to release our birds to the world!

With the Birdmaker you can now have your own egg-loving cloaca to show off to your nesting buddies. offering a soft, smooth cloacial ring surounded by delicate little feathers.

Currently available in Medium, Large and Extra Large.


Total Length: 11.1cm (4.4″)
Bulb Diameter: 6.7cm (2.6″)
Bulb Circumference: 19.9cm (7.8″)
Neck Diameter: 4.9cm (1.9″)
Neck circumference: 13.3cm (5.2″)
Hole diameter: 1.7cm (0.67″)

Color: Dark skintone

Looking for another size or color? You can have one custom made HERE

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