This cute little fellow is very special member of our custom toys range. Don’t be fooled by his cute innocent looks, he is more mischievous than you imagine!

    RGB color, description or link to reference material:

    Please tell us which 2 or 4 markings colors to use, and where to apply them (nose patch, horns, eyes, teeth, clawd, pawpads, chest, top and bottom of tail, etc)

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Draggy is a very special member of our custom toys range. Do not let yourself be fooled by his cute innocent looks. This little fellow has a lot more to offer than you’d gather at first sight. With his soft gentle paws, lovely plump body and rugged tail full of ridges he brings all the charms to the game. But that is not all, when you are done admiring his smooth skin with nobs and bumps in all the right places, there is more to discover. Like the welcoming hole he was hiding under that happily wagging tail for you to explore. It’s not only that, it is leading all the way up to its tight muzzle at the front. Be honest! There is no way anyone could resist such a thing…

Would you like to be a naughty dragon yourself? Then you should check out our Dragon Tailer, it turns you into a happily wagging dragon that is just as naughty and welcoming as Draggy

Tail-tip to muzzle: 41cm (16.1″)
Width over shoulders: 14.5cm (5.7″)
Tailhole and muzzle opening: 2.0cm (0.8″) but will stretch!
Length of internal channel: 29cm (11.4″)
Weight: 2.7kg (6 lbs)

Firmness: Draggy comes in a lovely soft firmness, slightly softer than our vixen firmness.

Color options:

Solid : 1 color
Simple markings: You can pick 2 additional colors, and tell us where to apply them: eyes, nose, back, chest, under the tail or paw pads
Complex markings: Please send us a ref sheet to check if we can make what you want 🙂

The 2 Draggys we found for our photoshoot are:
*) UV green/metallic green body, Dark green back, Pink nose patch and pawpads, white horns and claws and a Neon green tummy and underside of his tail, for a total of a base and 4 extra colors = ‘Complex markings’.
*) Metallic blue body, Cyan back, pawpads and eyes, white horns, claws nose patch and chest, cyan/white stripped underside of his tail, for a total of a base and 2 extra colors = ‘Simple markings’

If you have any questions about custom colors or markings, just drop us a message!

click HERE to check if we have any ready made Draggys in stock.

Note: This is a very complex piece to produce. Small touch-ups are allowed as long as they are small, and don’t affect the quality. This cannot be a reason for a claim or return.

3D Model by @Dragone

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Weight 3 kg


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