You can pick up to 2 colors for a custom coloring. Please contact us to see if more then 2 is possible.

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The orca. Very playfull critters, always up for some fun, and they know how to put their body shape to good use!


Length, nose to fluke: 18cm (7.1″)
Circumference around the belly: 12.6cm (5.0″)


Length, nose to fluke: 25cm (9.8″)
Circumference around the belly: 17,5cm (6.9″)


Length, nose to fluke: 29cm (11.4)
Circumference around the belly: 20.5cm (8.1″)


Length, nose to fluke: 36cm (14.1″)
Circumference around the belly: 26cm (10.2″)


Length, nose to fluke: 41cm (16.1″)
Circumference around the belly: 29cm (11.4″)

Picture shows the L and XL next to a regular sized can, in black with regular markings. Please note that the markings on every individual orca will be differend. If you have any special requests, just drop us a line!

The XL orca in the pictures is an example of one with custom markings.

Please note that is is not the humpable girl orca, then you are looking for the Humpca

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