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After our tailraiser puppy tail, we wonderd, why let the pups have all the fun of wagging their tails about?, when orcas have such good tails for flapping around aswel! Now Introducing our new Humpcamaker, giving you a lovely fully functional orcatail of your own.

Available in 4 flippery sizes:


Total Length: 20cm (7.87″)
Bulb Diameter: 6.7cm (2.6″)
Bulb circumference: 19.9cm (7.8″)
Neck Diameter: 4.9cm (1.9″)
Neck circumference: 13.3cm (5.2″)
Hole diameter: 1.7cm (0.67″)


Total Length: 24cm (9.45″)
Bulb Diameter: 8.0cm (3.2″)
Bulb circumference: 23.9cm (9.4″)
Neck Diameter: 5.9cm (2.3″)
Neck circumference: 16.0cm (6.3″)
Hole diameter: 2.0cm (0.79″)


Total Length: 28cm (11.02″)
Bulb Diameter: 9.3cm (3.7″)
Bulb circumference: 27.9cm (11″)
Neck Diameter: 6.9cm (2.7″)
Neck circumference: 18.7cm (7.3″)
Hole diameter: 2.3cm (0.92″)


Total Length: 32cm (12.60″)
Bulb Diameter: 10.7cm (4.2″)
Bulb circumference: 31.9cm (12.5″)
Neck Diameter: 7.9cm (3.1″)
Neck circumference: 21.3cm (8.4″)
Hole diameter: 2.7cm (1.04″)

Available in our nicely soft and stretchy ‘vixen firmness’

Click HERE to check if we have any orca tails in stock

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