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How about you wag that tail, and still have your hole available for a good humping!

The bulb is as soft as ever, with a firmer silicone for the tail that extends into the bulb to make it super waggy!


Bulb Diameter: 8.0cm (3.2″)
Bulb Circumference: 23.9cm (9.4″)
Neck Diameter: 5.9cm (2.3″)
Neck circumference: 16.0cm (6.3″)
Hole diameter: 2.0cm (0.79″)
Tail length: 27cm (10.6″)

The weakest point is where the tail meets the tailhole. We did our best to make this as strong as possible, but please be carefull with this area. Dont pull on the tail, or bend it sharply at the base.

Color: Black

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